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Perforated business cards are particularly popular for businesses where a “give-away” marketing feature is warranted. The perforated section can be printed with elements such as: ticket numbers, coupon codes or vouchers. Use them at your next special promotion, event or corporate gathering and help build your brand presence. Perforated cards are cost effective way for your customers to participate in an event while still keeping your core branding message with them.

Another way to use a perforated card is to have a two-layer card perforated with a top-layer only perforation. For contests or just a surprise element, your customers can peel-away the top layer to reveal a surprise element of a winning contest number or an interesting feature about your business. The possibilities are endless!

The perforations are ultra-fine making the fold n’ tear process easy and clean. Perforated Business cards can be customized to make your branding message pop with options such as: 3-D pop-up designs, Foil, Spot UV, Embossing and custom die-cutting.